It’s one of those nights when I am feeling rather philosophical and at ease with the clarity that has presented itself. It’s not every day that someone would have a eureka moment that reveals the deepest meanings of the most trivial happenings. But tonight, it seems as though fate would allow itself to give me the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of concealed understanding.

I have often thought about the ways that life has turned out for me. There have been decisions I have made that, no doubt, have shaped me to who I am today. Some of these decisions are good, some of them are bad. Some of these decisions I wish I could go back and change – or do I? The decisions made on one particular day, lead to the road that is traveled from that day forward. However short or long that road may be, really depends on the decisions that are made thereafter the original decision. Trying to boggle your mind with the causal chain of events that occurs from every minor decision will probably drive you crazy. But what I’m getting at, is that we all make countless decisions any given day that completely alter the path we are on – and thus altering the path of our lives.

You might think that I am over analyzing the most trivial of humanistic behaviors. And granted, maybe I am. However, the point I’m trying to make is that no matter what decisions we make – whether we take a right on red or wait for the light to turn green – those extra 30 seconds could completely change our lives forever. We never know what each decision holds in store for us, and we never know where every path will lead. All I know, is that somehow I have found myself on the path I am on now, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I have found myself humbled tonight while considering all of the possibilities that could have come from other decisions I faced in my past. I found myself even more humbled at the thought that life is not really about making all of the “right” decisions, but rather making the most out of the decisions that are made. We can sit around and regret all we want – or we can reflect and learn. Many people come in and out of our lives daily – some for a brief few seconds, others for a season, and still others for a lifetime. We encounter thousands of people who never truly touch or shape who we are, but then we encounter one person who touches and shapes us in a thousand different ways. When that happens, just for a moment, reflect on the most insignificant of decisions you made that orchestrated you to that very moment … Then you realize that even the smallest of decisions can have the most significant of results.