I just finished watching the movie Men of Honor. I’m sure most of you have probably seen it, it’s an older movie with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Robert Dinero. For those who don’t know, this movie is based on the life and military career of Navy Diver Carl Brashear. When I watch movies like this, it really gets to me, and it really inspires me to do something greater with my life than I am currently doing. There were two quotes in this movie that stood out to me as I was watching it. The first, and title of this blog, was said by Carl’s father, Mac. When Carl was leaving for basic training at the beginning of his military career, he said he would come back when he was done – but his father quickly rebuked that offer and told him not to come back. He told him to break the rules if he had to, and that when it got hot, and it would, “don’t quit on me. Now, go on. Don’t come back here.”

This line told me a lot. We often get comfortable in the places that we are familiar with, the things we’ve known all along. We will sometimes let ourselves out of our comfort zone and go to something new. But the moment it gets tough, we are all too ready to come back to the familiar, back to where we know it’s safe. But Carl’s father gives him the best advice a father could give his son – don’t give up, and don’t come back. Don’t come back when it’s tough just because this is easy. Don’t come back when it’s dangerous just because this is safe. Don’t come back when it’s painful just because this is painless. We must endure those times, those situations, in order to produce character and honor. There is no win without a fight and there is no day without a night. There certainly is no honor without the testing and growing through the hard times. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how tough the season – we must never come back to the familiar, but instead continue to fight on towards our destiny.

The second line that really inspired me was when Carl was asked why he wanted to be a diver so bad, his reply was, “Because they said I couldn’t have it.” We will always face opposition when we are heading towards our destiny, there will always be people there to tell us we can’t achieve what we’ve been called to do. But I challenge you, I dare you, to stare that opposition in the face and fight the good fight simply because they say you can’t have it. The greatest victory is the victory nobody thought you could achieve.

Now, go on. Don’t come back here.